Melisizwe E-Learning Platform

Digital education has moved from brick and mortar classrooms to online platforms that are engaging and can reach anyone, anywhere with nothing but a device and internet connectivity.

Cornerstone to our model is to create an on online learning portal that serves as a digital place of convergence with the aim of connecting everyone who engages with us to new learning, employment, training and sharing opportunities. The platform is meant to target everyone with legitimate accredited and certified online material who wants to further their current careers, start a new area of learning, seek basic computer education with the aim of growing as they progress or find possible employment opportunities. It also serves as a platform for organizations to partner with us to train their current staff, prepare and employ youth through the current YES programme or chart a learning course which meets their particular needs.

In addition it creates opportunities for people who have been assisted through any of the Melisizwe programs to give back through it’s alumni program which connects past and present with the aim of showcasing the success stories and fostering a spirit of giving back.