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“Education is the responsibility for all within society, and all must bear the burden to empower the next generation through education.”
Beyers Naudé


Computer skills development empowers young minds and creates digital futures

Where We've Come From

Since our inception in 2012, we have recognised the need for computer skills development and the lack of infrastructure available to learners.

To address this, we launched the Melisizwe Computer Lab project and have proudly and successfully completed a number of initiatives, installed multiple computer labs and impacted countless lives

Where We're Going & Why

Our approach to digital skills development and education has adjusted as technology has become available. We realised that a physical lab, while beneficial, is constrained by its physical location and size – technology now allows us to reach more people in a more meaningful way in whatever environment they choose.

We’ve managed to provide digital education to thousands of underprivileged learners across South Africa through the help of partners and funders.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, we have realised the need to adapt accordingly. We understand in order to make a meaningful and lasting impact we need to be a sustainable social enterprise.

The approach is simple : organisations and individuals who can afford to pay will have access to top class education, while we actively seek partners and sponsors to fund those who are unable to afford it.

While our e-learning platform creates a virtual community, Melisizwe Makers is a physical hub that provides unrestricted space for youth to learn, research, explore, create and gain employment experience.

The hub is our point of convergence and head quarters which provides support and services to our satellite sites, thereby creating a greater impact.


Why You Can Feel Comfortable

At Melisizwe, we uphold good management practices, ensuring transparency and fiduciary responsibility. When you choose Melisizwe, you are aligning with a reliable and innovative organisation that values transparency, communication, stewardship and is results-driven.

Partnering with Melisizwe means joining forces with an organisation dedicated to creating meaningful impact through digital literacy and skills development. Our team is a dedicated group of professionals with diverse expertise, united by our common goal. Together, we can create a brighter future for learners, contribute to the community, and ignite positive change.

Create greater impact

Contribute to solving the unemployment crisis by providing skills development

Continue funding our own social responsibility programs

Foster a digital economy by empowering individuals to participate and drive innovation


How can you help?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Sponsor | Donate

Private and corporate sponsorships and donations make a difference, one learner at a time. Together we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of learners who need it most.

If you would like to sponsor or donate to our cause you can do so using our banking details:

Account Name: Melisizwe School Computer Project NPC
Account Number: 626 6913 1808
Bank Name: FNB
Branch Code: 250 655

If you would like for us to contact you to discuss a
sponsorship, please use the form below to contact us or on:



Sponsor a computer lab
Sponsor a fully functional lab to an underprivileged school

Sponsor a training programme
Youth End User Computing
Youth Coding and Robotics
School learner Coding and Robotics
Teacher Training
FutureMakers (School Introduction to AI)
Girls in STEM Programme

IT Internship Programme Management for your
YES Programme Partner

Create meaningful employment opportunities by outsourcing your business process management to us. It's a fully functional contact centre which trains unemployed youth to handle your business processes through customer relations and support.

Join us today and deliver on tomorrow. Melisizwe provides the ultimate solution enabling your organisation to make a difference to those learners who need it most.

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