About us

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Our Purpose

At Melisizwe, our purpose is to build a generation of computer-literate and prepared leaders who will have the capacity to make a difference in society. We understand the transformative power of computer education, and we believe that with the right skills and mindset, our students can thrive in the digital age.

Melisizwe is more than just an educational provider. It is a community of passionate educators, learners, and supporters who are united by a common vision — to empower minds, expand horizons, and ignite the power of technology for all. Together, we are shaping a better future, one learner at a time.

Empower your future with Melisizwe – where computer education meets transformation.

Our objective is to

Provide equal opportunities

For all learners to access quality computer education, resources and subsidies.

Embrace innovative approaches

To deliver effective computer education programs.

Foster partnerships

With corporates, institutions, schools, community organisations, and technology companies to expand reach and impact.

Drive positive social change

By addressing the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion.