Girls in STEM

Roles have always been defined for young girls and women since the beginning of time. In recent history this translated to being confined to child-bearing, rearing and maintaining household duties while men were the breadwinners.

However, due to cost of living, absent fathers and a myriad of other socio-economic conditions, it has become necessary for women to work and not only work but build careers.

Although strides have been made to include women in careers that focus on the maths and sciences, not much progress has been made and due to the advent of social media, short videos, instant photograph platforms etc: unbeknownst another role has been defined, one which focuses largely on the physical attributes of girls rather than their intellectual capabilities.Girls in STEM Programme aims to turn the tide and create more access to girls who want to follow careers in STEM. Through partnership we’re able reach more and create a greater impact.

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